Electrostar Pty Ltd has an established and implemented Integrated Management System (IMS). The Management System has been designed to integrate all of an organisation's systems and processes in to one complete framework, enabling Electrostar to work as a single unit with unified objectives to improve performance of the business. The System is a process-based Management System based on the Continual Improvement Methodology, with intent to manage associated business operational risks, quality of supply and services, and to protect and improve the health and safety of workers and others in the workplace, the environment, the communities that we operate in, and safety outcomes in workplace.
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01 Continual Improvement
02 Planning
03 Implementation
04 Measurement and Evaluation
05 Management Review
06 Intergrated Management System
07 Consultation and Communication
  • All persons representing Electrostar while performing business operational activities are required to work to the highest standards as identified by legislation and Regulatory Bodies, the Principal Management Systems, the Original Manufacturer, Industry Standards and Electrostar's own Integrated Management Systems.
  • Additional standards and guides can be obtained from the Electrostar Management Team, or can be found on the various websites under the page heading LINKS.
  • The following links lead to Key Electrostar IMS Documents outlining the standards set by Electrostar for all Business Operations.